Koufnissia islands, sailing information on port and anchorages

Sailing aproaches at Koufonissia islands - Minor Cyclades

Sailing aproaches at Koufonissia islands

Pano Koufonissi is the more developed than the other islands of Minor Cyclades, offering accommodation, restaurants*, bars and other tourist facilities.

* You should have lunch or dinner at FOS FANARI restaurant in Pano Koufonissi, offering delicious greek specialties, fresh fish and grills at extremely fair prices.

The new port at Pano Koufonissi

The new port at Pano Koufonissi

There is a new port at Pano Koufonissi, built in 2008, which offers good shelter for north winds. There are mooring lines available, but a bit short since they are made to service the fishing boats. If you find a free space on the northeast side of the port you can go stern to dropping an anchor at the middle of the port in order to avoid catching the main chain of the lazy lines.

When the winds are from the north you get on anchor at the east side of the bay, opposite from the ferry dock. If the winds are strong it is possible to get a line on shore on the rocks just after the beach infront of the cafe located just on the beach.

Mr. Kostas Prassinos, a local fisherman, is always at the port and ready to assist all visiting yachts.