About us

ISLANDSAILING.GR was established on 2007 in Paros island operating in the sailing charter field under the license of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Since the 1st of January 2013 the company is registered in Germany and the main office is located in Hassloch, Pfalz. The company maintains an office in Paros island.

Manager of the charter department is Yannis Thedoridis, a part of the team of Paros charter base , former base manager and assistant base manager from 2003 to 2008.
Over these years people would ask us if we could help them with finding "this boat" or "that boat" so rather than just try "to see what we could do" we decided to combine all this knowledge with the various boats in our area and offer a friendly and helpful service to make our clients holidays more stress free and enjoyable.

Responsible for the Paros charter base is Afros Yacht Services, a company based in Paros for the last 25 years. Afros yacht services was founded and developed by Alexis Bisbas, who moved to Australia where he now lives and works in the same field of business. The present owner, managing director of the company and Paros base manager is Giorgos Kastanas, who has a long presence in the yachting section. Afros Yacht Service supply all the demands of the charter and private boats that either pass through or are based there.

Why Paros?

Paros is one of the larger Cycladic Islands, it comes from the Greek word "cyclos", meaning circle, around the sacred island of Delos.
Paros is serviced by regular ferry links to both Pireaus and the port of Rafina, and also a regular flight connection with the Athens airport.
Two of the most famous and sought after tourist locations are just a few hours sailing away from us, Mykonos to the north is just over 20 miles away with its cosmopolitan night life and shops and the beautiful island of Santorini with its high cliffs and azure waters waiting to be explored and experienced is less than 40 miles away.
Paros is ideal because it offers you over 20 islands with countless bays to anchor in all within very easy reach, so even if you are not the most experienced or adventurous of sailors you can fill every day with something new.