Paros charter base

Parikia sailing yacht station in the Cyclades islands

Paros charter base, Parikia port

Paros, Parikia is the charter station to start your sailing holidays in the Cyclades islands. Parikia is located at the west side of the island of Paros.

Approaching Parikia bay, care is needed for a number of little islands, reefs and above-water rocks.

Portes islands: Two in number with a light (F1(2) 16s&M) Petrocaravo: a submerged rock difficult to see in rough seas. Vouves: low-lying with a reef off the NE end a reef 3 metres over it 0,2 miles to the SW Ag. Spyridonas: High and jagged rocks with a white church on one of them Dhrepani: Low-lying Kaki Skala and Peponas: Low-lying furher inside the bay Approaching by night use the light on Portes and on Ag.Fokas (F1.3s6M), as the well as the two light buoys Q.G/Q.R marking the deep water channel into the port of Parikia Paros, Parikia Charter Base in the Cyclades island

The port provides mooring lines inside, therefore DO NOT drop anchor, since there is a great risk to get it hooked in the main chain of the mooring lines. If you cannot find space inside and the winds are not more than 4-5 bft, drop an anchor outside and come stern to the dock.

If the winds are stronger then contact the Afros Yacht Services to help you get on double row on the inside, again without dropping an anchor. The yacht station is located inside the Parikia bay just next (eastern) of the main ferry dock. Afros Yacht Services is responsible for the charter base (VHF 73)

The sailing boat marina in Parikia, Paros island in Cyclades, the charter station