The Sporades itineraries

Sporades islands Sailing information and itinerary suggestion

The Sporades itineraries - Sailing information and suggestions on the Sporades islands Sailing routes

Skiathos island or Volos port are the charter bases to start your sailboat trip

You can start your sailing holidays from Skiathos sailing charter base and enjoy the the beautiful green islands of Sporades, such as Skopelos, Alonissos, Skantzoura and Pelagos as well as the unspoiled bays and small ports of the Gulf of Volos.

In addition, within a distance of 50 knots you can sail up to Chalkidiki Penisula, which reaches down into the North Aegean Sea with 3 smaller penisulas the Kassndra, Sithonia and Mount Athos.

The weather in Sporades islands and the Chalkidiki Peninsula is good for easy sailing, since the meltemi is not blowing as strong as in the south of the Aegean sea.

The islands of the Sporades, as well as the Volos Gulf and the Chalkidiki coasts offer many small ports, anchorages and bays accessible only by sea and a boat.

Sporades sailing Charter Itineraries

1 week sailing Route
Skiathos - Skopelos - Skantzoura - Kyra Panagia - Alonissos - Skopelos
Day 1: Check-in at 17:00
Day 2: Skiathos - Panormos (Skopelos)
Day 3: Panormos - Skantzoura
Day 4: Skantzoura - Kyra Panagia
Day 5: Kyra Panagia - Steni Valla (Alonissos)
Day 6: Alonissos - Skopelos
Day 7: Skopelos - Skiathos
Day 8: Check-out at 09:00

2 week sailing Route
Skiathos - Orei (Evoia) - Trikeri (Pelion penisula) - Koukounaries (Skiathos) - Skopelos - Alonissos - Pelagos- Linaria (Skyros) - Skopelos - Glossa (Skopelos) - Skiathos
Day 1: Check-in at 17:00
Day 2: Skiathos - Orei (Evoia)
Day 3: Orei - Trikeri (Pelion penisula)
Day 4: Trikeri - Koukounaries (Skiathos)
Day 5: Koukounaries - Panormos (Skopelos)
Day 6: Panormos
Day 7: Panosrmos - Steni Valla (Alonissos)
Day 8: Steni Valla - Planitis (Pelagos)
Day 9: Planitis - Linaria (Skyros)
Day 10: Linaria (Skyros)
Day 11: Linaria - Skopelos
Day 12: Skopelos - Glossa (Skopelos)
Day 13: Glossa - Skiathos
Day 14: Skiathos - N. Tsougria - Skiathos
Day 15: Check-out at 09:00

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