Syros island Cyclades sailing information on port marina and anchorages

Syros - Ermoupolis port - Cyclades

Syros island, sailing information on Ermoupolis - Cyclades

LOcation and approaches: Syros port is located on the east side of the island at the main town of the island the Ermoupolis.
There is a marina at the southern part of the port, a bit far from the town.
You can also anchor, stern to the pier, on the north side of the port.
Care is needed of Ifalos Karfomeri, on the southwest side of the harbour. It is marked by a light buoy Q.R.

Finikas marina in Syros island

Syros island, sailing information on Finika marina - Cyclades

Finikas is located at the southwest side of the island of Syros and offers a sheltered marina for sailing boats in the Cyclades.

Approaches: Go stern to the south side of the outer mole of the Finikas marina.

Care is needed to the meltemi strong gusts, while with south winds a comfused sea builds up.
Water-diesel and electricity available.

Port authority telephone +30 22830 22220